How You Will be Contacted for the Vaccine

All those aged 18 & over can now be vaccinated. 

You can book appointments:-


1. By our local Central Booking Service – GP services are working together to vaccinate local residents more quickly at identified Hub sites within Camden. You may be contacted by a different surgery to the one you usually go to.


2. By the national booking service – you will receive a letter or text message about the option to book an appointment at one of a range of other local vaccination sites, including local pharmacies. If you have already had your first jab, you don’t need to do anything when you receive this letter or text. If you prefer, you can wait for a local GP to make contact.

Texts from the National Booking Service will come from ‘NHSvaccine’. These are separate from texts sent from local services or hospitals.


3. Local hospitals – you might be approached to have the vaccination as an inpatient or outpatient.
If you’re in one of the eligible groups above and haven’t had your first dose, you can book yourself an appointment at a local vaccination centre or pharmacy online at:
If you are not eligible yet, please wait to be contacted. The NHS will let you know when it’s your turn to have the vaccine. Please do not contact your GP, local vaccination centres or your local Council directly about getting vaccinated. Find out more about how you will be contacted.

Covid Vaccination Programme Update & Frequently Asked Questions

We are, as a Practice, delighted to be supporting the largest vaccination programme in the history of the NHS. We are balancing this programme with continuing to be open and managing your other clinical needs.

We kindly ask that you please support us in managing our other services:-

  • By not contacting us before receiving your invite for your 1st dose
  • Reading the information that is avaiable for you on this page before contacting the practice.
  • Waiting at least 8 weeks to receive your invite for your 2nd Everyone requires two doses of the vaccination. They are being offered 11 -12 weeks apart.
  • Being reassured that if you need medical attention, we are here for you and will determine how to best support you, based on your symptoms.
  • Being polite and respectful, your GP and practice team are working extremely hard to support you, your family and friends’ health and care needs.

In the meantime, you can get information about the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme by clicking NCL Covid-19  Vaccinations - Frequently Asked Questions or at  


Additional information

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has advised the government to prioritise people for the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine who are over 16 and living with adults who have weakened immune systems, such as those with blood cancer, HIV or those on immunosuppressive treatment including chemotherapy.

Members of ‘bubbles’ that do not live with an immunosuppressed person for the majority of the week (frequent visitors and other non-carers who might visit the house often but not for the majority of the week, including overnight stays) are excluded. 

A letter will need to be provided by the immunosuppressed individual's GP and provided to your household contacts who will need to provide proof of address that matches that of the patient. 

How to access your COVID-19 vaccination status - Information Update from the UK Government

Through the free NHS App from 17 May. You can access the app through mobile devices such as a smartphone or by tablet. Proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status will be shown within the NHS App. It is recommended that you register with the app before booking international travel.

If you do not have access to a smartphone and know that the country you are travelling to requires COVID-19 vaccination status, you can call the NHS helpline on 119 (from 17 May) and ask for a letter to be posted to you.

This must be at least 5 days after you’ve completed your course of the vaccine. We expect the letter to take up to 5 days to reach you.

Do not contact your GP surgery about your COVID-19 vaccination status. GPs cannot provide letters showing your COVID-19 vaccination status.

Further information can be found on

Covid AstraZeneca Batch Numbers 4120Z001, 4120Z002 and 4120Z003

We have received a number of queries relating to Covid AstraZeneca batch numbers 4120Z001, 4120Z002 and 4120Z003 following the suggestion by the media that individuals vaccinated with these batch numbers may be prohibited from travelling to Europe under the vaccine passport scheme.

An amendment was made to the agreement between AstraZeneca and the MHRA (the UK regulator) listing the three SII (Serum Institute of India) batch numbers and stating they were being "assessed and are treated as Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca".

The government have stated” no Covidshield vaccines” have been administered in the UK.

All AstraZeneca vaccines given in the UK (including those appearing in the batches listed at the top of this post) appear on the NHS COVID Pass Online and letter as, Vaxzevria. This is the AstraZeneca vaccine name recognised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Other vaccines approved by both the EU and the UK are also sometimes known by different names:

  • Oxford-AstraZeneca (AZ)(also known as Vaxzevria)
  • Pfizer-BioNTech(also known as Comirnaty)
  • Moderna(also known as Spikevax)
  • Janssen(sometimes referred to as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) is the same as in the UK

Click the link for more information and access to the NHS Covid Pass -

COVID-19 - Total Triage Service Implemented

In line with national guidance the practice has implemented a total triage service to protect patients and staff from avoidable risks of infection.

  • If your problem is urgent, please don’t delay. in contacting us. To ensure your safety, please contact us  either via our eConsult service or by telephoning the practice. If we need to see you, measures are in place to allow you to access our practice safely.

  • Patient contacts with the practice will be managed remotely either by telephone, online consultation (eConsult) or video consultation unless face-to-face contact is absolutely clinically necessary.
  • Online pre-bookable appointments are currently unavailable.