NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Very Good 48
Good 9
Very Poor 2
Neither Good Nor Poor 2
Don't Know 1
Poor 0
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What you had to tell us

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Comment Date
Mary was very clear in her communication and explained everything that was happening. I couldn’t have expected any more. Wednesday 24 January
GP’s are excellent, friendly & thorough. Wednesday 24 January
Professionalism and empathy shown. In particular, Dr Radia listen deeply and always shows empathy; at the same time doesn’t hesitate to share his view and recommendations. I feel like to be a patient and the Keats Practice Monday 15 January
I was having trouble booking a blood test and your colleague Jennifer took the time to guide me through the procedure. Monday 15 January
Looking after me, specially if unwell. Approachable and very kind Friday 5 January